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Monday, 29 April 2013

How to Earn Money through Facebook Fan page

hello friends , today i will share about the ways to how to earn money through Facebook Fan page. Many of people holding the page who got thousand’s of likes , but they don’t know who to make money from these pages.Even People are not making money directly from Facebook. Your goal should be to get as more traffic as you can by using Facebook. Facebook won’t pay you for your fan page, you can get the advantage of having so many people on a list to earn money through Facebook Fan Page.

facebook ads money How to Earn Money through Facebook Fan page

Ways to How to Earn Money through Facebook Fan page

  • Selling developer applications
A new method to earn money with Facebook fan page is by using developer applications. You can place these applications in your web pages and get profit with every sale. Some advertisers also embed advertisements with the developer applications that can result in extra income. In fact, many applications are being developed just to sell on Facebook fan pages. Such applications can make you rich in short time provided you have targeted fans on your fan page
  • Monetize a Blog or Site
set up a niche related blog…and monetize it with adsense and cpa offers,.then add facebook page publish plugin then hire someone on odesk to write one blog post a day with affiliate link in 1st sentence, or link to your blog in first sentnce and post these to your blog….this will auto post to your FB page and all your fans news feeds will have a link on it every day….should get some decent traffic and earnings

  • List Of Pure Buyers
Here’s what you do:
1) Create a squeeze page
2) Promote your fan page to get a lot of fans
3) Post updates on your FB page that pushes your fans to share your fan page updates on their walls
4) Post updates that play up your squeeze page url
5) Create a mailing list using your squeeze page. Boost newsletter sign ups by offering a free digital goodie – free ebook, etc.
6) Create another mailing list and promote it on your previous mailing list. This new list is more targeted. It also asks people to take extra steps or even pay $1 or some LOW nominal fee. What you are doing is FILTERING your large list into a list of PURE BUYERS.
7) Keep filtering your list by making a 3rd list, this requires an even higher FILTER for interest.
The end goal is to have a FINAL list of buyers that have a HIGH CHANCE of buying the product/service you filtered them for. The secret here is CONSISTENCY OF MESSAGE – if you filtered them for say, SEO services, make SEO offers only instead of other types of offers.
  • Direct Advertisements and Local Deals
Some of the fan pages are just perfect for local advertisements. For instance, suppose you developed a Fan page for a particular city and succeeded in getting a number of likes for it too. Then you can easily get advertisements from local shops in that city and can make huge profits
Hope the above ways you can earn money through Facebook fan page.And when you start earn money from your fan page simply post here your income in comment section. icon smile How to Earn Money through Facebook Fan page
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